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Sonic was sitting, bored out for his mind, in Camelot castle. The Knights of the Round Table and their counterparts were bored as well. Why were the counter parts shadow, knuckles, silver, Amy, blaze, and tails along with rouge here? Because sonic thought that his friends need a place to relax. So shadow was next to Lancelot near the window, both bored to death. Knuckles was with Gawain, both doing nothing. Blaze was talking to Percival. Silver was with Galahad, both using their powers to spin whatever they want to spin. Galahad was spinning a small dagger and silver was spinning a small rock, both bored. Amy and rouge were talking. And tails was sitting next to sonic and Caliburn. 

“Today is quiet boring.” Tails sighed.

“I agree.” Caliburn said.

“We’re all bored.” Shadow yawned.

“You seem tired.” Lancelot said to shadow. 

“Just bored, not tired.” Shadow responded to lancelot.

“Well what should we do?” blaze asks.

More silence. Than sonic got an idea.

“How about truth or dare?” sonic asks.

“My lord, what is this “truth or dare” you speak of?” lancelot asked. The other knights nodding in agreement with lancelot.

“W-W-WHAT?!” shadow yelled in shock.

“Is there a problem, sir shadow?” lancelot asks a stunned shadow.

“I don’t like truth or dare! It’s a stupid game.” shadow huffed angrily.

“Is this “game” that bad?” Galahad asked.

“This game gives you the………..un……….”power” to make someone do what you say.” Silver tried to explain to Galahad.

“How does that work?” Galahad asks. 

“Sir sonic, I think an example of this game is in order.” Caliburn said.

“I think so too………………….oh shadow~” sonic said.

“What?” shadow growled.

“Can you be an example?” sonic asks.

“Fine.” Shadow sighed.

“Yes! Ok! Shadow truth or dare?” sonic asks.

“Dare.” Shadow simply said.

“I dare you to kiss rouge for ten seconds.” Sonic said.

Shadow looked at rouge and back at sonic, color braining from his face.

“Why, just why?” shadow shuddered.

“Come here, shadow.” Rouge winked.

“I think I’m going to be sick.” Shadow moaned.

Shadow takes a deep breath and turned to walk to rouge. But rouge was way ahead of him and smashed their lips together. Ten seconds passed and shadow was now leaning half way out the window, gagging, spitting, and eventually forced himself to puke.

  “I think sir shadow did not like the kiss for miss rouge.” Gawain said.

“Shadow doesn’t like rouge and all most everyone knows it.” Silver said.  

“Then why did sir sonic dare shadow to kiss her?” Percival asks.

“Because it’s funny to see his reaction.” Sonic laughed.

“This game seems interesting. We should all play it.” Caliburn said.

“I can’t agree more, Cal.” Sonic said.

Soon everyone was sitting in a chair. And all waiting.

“The authoress of this story has some dares of her own. So we’ll get them out of the way first.” Calibrun said.

“Thank you Cal.” The authoress (me) said.



Shadow: SMACK SONIC!!!!!!

(Shadow: revenge!!)

Lancelot and Gawain: fight for 30 minutes

Blaze: kiss silver!

Galahad: you’re a baby for three days (three chapters for readers)


“Ok shadow. You start us off.” Cal said.

“With pleasure!” shadow smirked, then smacked sonic. Hard.

“Ow!” sonic whined.

“Don’t complain, knave.” Cal said.

“My name’s sonic.” Sonic huffed.

Cal rolled his eyes. “Lancelot. Gawain.”

“We know.” Both said.

Both started fighting. Their swords clashing against each other. 30 munities passed, and both had cuts.  

“Healer!” Cal called.

The healer came, tended to lancelot and Gawain cuts and left.

Blaze looked at silver and silver looked back.

“Take you’re times.” Sonic said.

Amy and rouge both tired of blaze and silver taking too much time pushed them together. For a few seconds blaze and silver kissed. Both part and turned away, blushing.

“Oh Galahad.” Sonic said throwing a powder at him.

“Wait whaaaaa……” galahad didn’t finish as the powder hit him, turning him in to a baby.

“Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!” a baby galahad cried. Something deep down inside lancelot clicked.

“Oh come here little one.” Amy said reaching for galahad.

Before amy caused grab him, lancelot quickly snatched him. He walked back to his chair and sat, holding galahad close to his muzzle. Galahad stopped crying and was now looking his father in the eyes. lancelot had a soft, gentle and fatherly look in his eyes and face.

“Haaa haaa haaa haaaa haaa haaa haaa” Galahad happily laughs and reaches his tiny arms to his dad’s muzzle and has two fists full of his soft muzzle fur.

“My little one.” Lancelot softly purred, getting up and walking to his bed chamber, too have some father-son time and away from watching eyes.

“Do my eyes deserve me? Or did we just see how strange lancelot acted?” Percival asks.

“It’s possible that since galahad is lancelot’s son, he’s acting on his instincts.” Blaze said.

“That would make sense.” Cal agreed. But everyone was still shocked and stunned at what they just saw.   




all characters belong to Sega

send in truth or dares to torture the characters with. and I might add more father-son moments between Lancelot and Galahad.
also should I post this to my account?

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